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Since 1998 working within market research with small and medium businesses in GTA and now entering Quebec.


Gamifying our customer service department was the best thing we’ve ever done.

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Areas of expertise


Every small business needs restructuring to support exponential growth. We have the expertise to help you on this difficult path.

Keeping Talents

The greatest difficulty for small and medium-sized companies in the last decade was to maintain their great talents. There are several artifacts that can be used for your employees to make careers within your company.

Market Research

The Internet has allowed large companies to use people’s free time to obtain precious information, financially rewarding those who participate in the program.

About Occupons Quebec.

Occupons Quebec has provided human resources consultancy, and market research solutions for companies all over Latin America for nearly 20 years. Our partners and professionals are specialized in these areas too so we can provide more robust solutions. Over the years, we have created several programs for leadership development, priority management, market research for public and private companies, and more but now we are launching this service in the Province of Quebec.

In the global marketing industry, there are several companies and institutions that are willing to reward you financially for your opinions. We facilitate these companies to meet potential candidates. Because we understand social responsibility and the importance of giving back.

Come Work with us!

Sales Partner

We are looking for a professional with more than 5 years of experience in market research sales to help us to sale our solutions. If you believe to be such a professional, and that you can be influential in optimizing stakeholder collaboration. click the button below to apply.

Market Research Assistant

We are constantly looking for new people to participate in our market research platform. We directly serve several large companies and pay for completed tasks. Our program has limited space. If you are not selected, we will refer you to other opportunities. Click below to apply.

Ready to hire our services?

We have dedicated professionals who are ready to serve you directly in the Greater Toronto Area, in your office. We have a free exploratory meeting and consultation available, and only then you decide whether to proceed with the project or not.

Stop losing the great talents that your company has. We are  prepared to help you overcome your strategic challenges.