Welcome to Our Innovative Recruitment Partnership Model!

Maximizing Applicant Numbers for Your Job Offers

We’re thrilled to introduce a unique partnership approach, tailored to significantly increase the number of applicants for your specific job postings. Our strategy includes:

  1. CPA Optimization System:

    • We’ve developed our own system to optimize Cost Per Application (CPA).

    • To make this work, we integrate our code into the confirmation page seen by job seekers after they apply.

    • This lets us receive direct confirmations and fine-tune the application process.

    • We monitor various factors like city, job title, salary, and application process to enhance our effectiveness.

  2. Focused Job Offers:

    • We concentrate on the job offers that matter most to you.

    • We create custom application forms and collect applicant data.

    • With co-registration, we share details of applicants who agree to share their information with you.

  3. Automatic Matching System:

    • We provide names, emails, phone numbers, and resumes of interested candidates.

    • The cost per lead is pre-determined and agreed upon before sending them to you.

Revamping the Application Process

In our pursuit of better conversion rates, we’ve updated our process:

  • Job seekers now apply directly on our site, providing their personal information and resumes.

  • Only then are they redirected to your site, making the transition seamless and natural.

  • This ensures higher-quality conversions and allows us to measure success more accurately.

Where We Operate

Our services are available in the US, Canada, the UK, and Germany. 

Key Locations for Job Postings

We focus on cities with the highest conversion rates: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Dallas, and San Jose (California).

Targeted Job Titles

We specialize in a wide range of job titles across various sectors, ensuring a broad spectrum of opportunities for applicants. Our targeted job titles include positions in customer service, retail, food service, janitorial work, transportation, childcare, manufacturing, caregiving, housekeeping, warehousing, driving, and more.

Diverse Job Categories

While we guarantee conversions across various fields, including engineering, remote work, and healthcare, our optimization process in these areas is ongoing. However, we still deliver results, albeit at a varied rate.

Ready to Start?

We’re excited to work with you! Let’s discuss starting with a small test to ensure we meet your expectations. We’re here to revolutionize your recruitment process and bring you the best candidates. Get in touch to begin our partnership!