Time is of the essence! To secure continuous work and guaranteed weekly hours, we must establish your detailed consumer profile and demographics immediately. This is crucial for us to match you with a range of tasks to perform depending on your answers.

We’ve partnered with two esteemed consumer research firms (listed below) to help create your consumer profile. By registering (free) with these market research firms and completing their consumer surveys, we will gain a deeper understanding of your demographics and identify the opinions that are the most valuable for what we need.

Act now and follow the two steps below to establish your consumer profile and demographics before it’s too late:

Step 1: Join the Leger Opinion Consumer Panel

LEO, the renowned Leger Opinion panel, awaits your participation. As Canada’s largest proprietary panel, Leger is a trusted market research and analytics company established in 2004. Join over 400,000 LEO community members across Canada and the United States.

Leger Opinion conducts market research on behalf of various organizations, including businesses and governments. Your opinions on LEO remain confidential, and companies genuinely want to hear your thoughts to enhance their products and services. Share your truth, positive or negative, and utilize Leger Opinion’s “Love, Hate, Rate” tool to provide ratings on anything under the sun!

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Léger Marketing Inc. Headquarters: 507, place d’Armes, Montreal (QC), H2Y 2W8 Canada

Step 2: Join the Rewardia Community!

When companies are on the hunt for valuable feedback to launch new products or conduct market research, they turn to the prestigious Rewardia. Rewardia pairs these companies in need of market insights with individuals like you who are eager to earn exclusive rewards. It’s a rare opportunity for both parties: companies receive invaluable insights, and members like you gain an extraordinary experience by participating in market and product research through captivating Online Focus Groups and Product Reviews.

Rewardia’s primary objective is to provide a top-notch platform for members to express their opinions. Your valuable insights help shape crucial business decisions, and when you actively engage in their Online Focus Groups and Product Reviews, you become part of an exclusive group. The company takes immense pride in the vibrant community it has cultivated and the exceptional quality market research it consistently delivers to its esteemed clients.

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Hurry, time is running out! Confirm your email after signing up, and be sure to keep an eye on your spam folder, just in case.

Don’t miss this chance to establish your consumer profile and unlock exciting opportunities. Act now before it’s too late!

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