Soothe Pain – upper back pain between shoulder blades relief

Soothe Pain – upper back pain between shoulder blades relief

Pain seriously implies that something may be wrong. An unpleasant feeling which causes someone discomforts. Under normal circumstances, pain has always been subjective. One may feel pain the same as you, yet this may not be of the same degree.


According to the World Health Organizations, “pain is an emotional circumstance experienced by someone due to severe tissue damage”. This definition implies a lot of facts and information, to wit:

  • It is unpleasant. No one ever wanted to experience it, instead, avoid it and others even take pain killers and other medicines that could relieve pain.
  • It is an experience that is sensed by the receptors of our body which enables the body to react right away.
  • It is an emotional experience implying the feeling of being in pain in the absence of any damage of tissues in the body instead, the physical pain that one experiences. Any body part that aches is what it conveys.
  • It is warning signal. This signals the body that something has gone wrong, that something needs immediate attention and remedy to avoid it getting worse.

Upon knowing the above-mentioned information, let us take with a deeper sensitivity on the part of the pain as the emotional experience due to physical cause in which backache is one of the very collective illustrations of pain.

Upper back pain between shoulder blades which is also known as interscapular pain is the result of the tightening of the muscles in relation to the rhomboid muscles in the upper back which is associated with the shoulder blades.

Upper back pain between shoulder blades- cause

This is usually caused by the overuse of your back part muscles and your arm which connects to your shoulder blades that happens because of a number of activities your body has undergone that result to muscle strain, to wit:

  • Activities that involve the use of arms overhead such as putting of objects above your arms level, and serving the ball in a tennis game.
  • The rowing of boat or other rowing activities.
  • The way of carrying heavy backpacks with one shoulder only or the action itself.
  • The way we sit, our posture, most especially when sitting for a longer period of time.

Upper back pain between shoulder blades-symptoms

Deep pain is felt whenever you breathe or when you move your arms in any directions. You feel uncomfortable due to strain, the tightness of the muscle.

Upper back pain between shoulder blades-relief

  • Stop or avoid doing activities that cause pain to your Upper back pain between shoulder blades.
  • Take some alternative activities for what you usually do which cause you to have Upper back pain between shoulder blades.
  • Do some stretching activities and other physical activities that can heal you out from the pain or part of the therapy your health care provider commends which can strengthen your Upper back and shoulder blades.
  • A body massage will also do as you follow the instructions of your personal health care provider.

Pain getaway

As you experience upper back pain between shoulder blades, your muscles were tightened, become stiff and is painful due to the tension on the muscles located to your upper back and shoulder blades. Allot time to take the following steps below on how to do self-massage, so you will know how to take some remedies in case you experience upper back pain between shoulder blades:

  1. Take and prepare a massage ball;
  2. Place it on your upper back and roll it all over the areas to let you know the areas which painful joints habituate;
  3. As you feel one roll the massage ball over that area for a minute;
  4. Stay there, and roll the massage ball to hit the area where painful joints are;
  5. Do that on your upper back and shoulder blade.
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