Shoulder pain management at night

Shoulder pain management at night

The shoulder is one of the numerous joints that comprise our totality that allows possible movements to any direction. Given that, this delicate part is more exposed to pain or even to injury.  Some of the injuries are beyond our human capacity to control.

Causes of shoulder pain at night

A lot of reasons to be considered as to why a shoulder gets painful at night. So unfortunate to have the following causes because this will hinder you to sleep well at night:

  • When there is “shoulder impingement”. This occurs when the space between the shoulder and the rotator cuff is reduced.
  • When there is “bursitis”. This occurs when the bursa, the structure of the shoulder which lubricates the joints in your shoulder got inflamed which causes the bursa to overreact and cause pain.
  • When there is “Shoulder arthritis”. The developing condition of the wear and tear of the shoulder’s cartilage causes pain and the worse is, it is more painful at night due to the temperature.

Why at night?

Experiencing shoulder pain at night can be annoying and disruptive as this hinders you to sleep well. Ideally, there were no exact scientific explanations as to why do shoulder’s pain is experienced at night. What is certain is, you use your shoulder the whole day, a direct effort is exerted that implies that the bursa which is the lubricator of the joints located in the area. Other may also be due to stress, your sleeping position, uncontrolled movements, and other pressures.

How to go through though it hurts?

Sleeping with an uneasy feeling is too difficult. It’s a trouble for no matter what position you are going to apply still it is painful. To lessen the feeling of uneasiness and difficulty try to do the following so you may be relieved:

  • Let your shoulder rest during day time. In this way, the pain is reduced so you can sleep at night without pain hindering your sound sleep.
  • Take tablets that can reduce pain. Taking it beforehand is advisable to allow the tablet to take effect in your body.
  • Sleep in the opposite direction if you wake up with pain in your usual direction and position. You may put a pillow at your back so won’t roll while sleeping affecting the side where the pain is.
  • You may do some stretching. This will also help reduce pain since tighten muscles will be stretched up allowing it to be open releasing the pain.

Simple exercise figures to eliminate pain at night

  1.  Do “standing wall” stretching. This is done through walking feet backward until the arms straighten.
  2. Do the “shoulder rolls” figure. This is done through rolling shoulders up back and forth.
  3. Do the “shoulder rotation”. This allows the shoulder blade to rest in a balanced position.
  4. Do the “cow face arm” figure. This is done through reaching your right arm and bending your elbow letting your right hand fall behind your head and vice versa to the opposite direction.
  5. Do the “thread the needle” figure. This is done through lifting your left hand to thread your left arm by the space in between your right arm and right leg.


If doing the above-mentioned simple exercise won’t do, living life with shoulder pain at night could be miserable. If other additional symptoms may also occur such as loss of your body movement accompanied by weakness. Bear in mind that these warrant you to see your doctor.

See your doctor so he will know your condition and give you medication suited to what you are suffering. Besides, the doctor can also monitor you, as you go through medication. Keep it to your mind that shoulder pain at night is serious so do your serious attention is needed.

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