As you already know we are living in very uncertain times, there have been a lot of layoffs, fear and lack of certainty, some of our partners have stopped their relationship with us, but we still believe these are the times where leadership and solidarity should be shown that is why we are taking the following steps to help you through this tough times:

a) We are working to bring you more work from home opportunities besides the market research, data entry and surveys we have been managing for some time, these new offers will be more specific, with better rates, real and free to apply nobody will charge you a single dime.

b) Since there has been an increase in the number of applicants, the payment per market research task and the number of available opportunities have decreased nevertheless we have searched free resources for you to increase your value in the market, so you can acquire new skills or update the ones you have already had and been able to demand better rates or take new opportunities, use your time wisely click here and review the more than 100 free online education resources, this list will be growing constantly.

Occupons Quebec Team